Our Clients

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Our Clients

Throughout our 17 years of business, we have worked with clients from a variety of industries ranging from large corporations and senior care companies to small businesses and independent entrepreneurs. The common thread in how we work with our clients is that we build strong relationships with them, which allows us to do our best work to help all of them succeed and reach their goals. And we’re known to have a little fun along the way.

We work most often with these niche markets:

  • Senior care providers, including:
    • Long term care management companies with multiple facilities in their portfolio
    • Small, independent nursing facilities, assisted living and independent living communities
  • Healthcare providers – from consultants to therapy services
  • Non profit organizations of all sizes
  • Manufacturers, large and small
  • Service industries including salons, spas, and retail stores
  • Government agencies: municipal, county and state
    We are a certified DBE in Wisconsin
  • Start up companies and entrepreneurs

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