Scale Your Story with Your Branded Voice

Targeted customer contact right through their mobile   

A critical piece of your branding toolkit lies right where your audience is spending an increasing amount of time… right on their phone.  The popularity of podcasting is growing at a rate of over 75% year after year and 64% of those are on their mobile devices.

Podcasting is an effective media, great for a growing customer group with shortened attention spans. Anyone today has access from kids and teens to baby-boomers who grew up on radio and television being trained for this media.

Leveraging podcasting allows the business to speak in their tone, with their voice and their message.  It’s a huge part of building rapport with your audience and you can talk about almost anything.  Podcasting is a great way to break down typically dense or boring topics, especially those that come from legacy industries like insurance or healthcare.  Give it a shot and let us know. 


Subtle Branding

Storytelling is the newest trend in branding and marketing. It entertains every audience while informing them about your products or services. 

Easy to Consume and Mobile

On the go… businesses now struggle to find any moment during our target customer’s busy life to get in front of them. Podcasting is one of the only ways to grab those small moments.

Fast Turnaround

Podcasting can be done quickly and in bulk. Post production can be out the door that day, if you want.  Often, a little shine on a raw file goes a long way to raise your brand’s value and trust from your customer, but it doesn’t take long.

True Brand Personality

What’s better than hearing the story of your company right from your voice?  It’s the voice that your customers hear when they call or speak to you in person. It is your brand.

High Reach; Wider Audience

Once published on a major platform, your company exposes their content to a higher audience at NO COST. Think about all the people you could be in front of that don’t know you.

Improved Relationships

Statistics show that by building rapport with your customers in short bursts is a valuable way to increase loyalty and customer lifetime value. It emboldens your audience to promote you, too!

“There’s Millions and Millions of People that Listen and Love Podcasts that didn’t in 2012.”

– John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire

Our Process

We work with our clients and their marketing teams to build out a specific Customer-Targeted Digital Marketing Strategy and campaigns. 

STEP 1: Ideation and Discovery

Your customers are just like you… they love entertainment!

During this part of the process, we help you form and refine the entire show concept. It’s about telling the story you want to tell with the best context possible.

This part of the process is critical to producing a great show! It’s what we focus on and it will be critical to scaling your brand and messaging as your following grows. 


STEP 2: Creation and Production

After refining your show concept, we will help you iron out all the details.  Production can be a difficult process if you have not done it before.  

During this step, we take your story and find the best way to share it with your audience.  It’s the part where we build your “Bingable Content.”  Podcasting is essentially your personal netflix channel for your business.  You might as well put some time in to building the story arc and making sure you audience keeps coming back for more.

We help you with your pre-production, production and post-production of each episode of your podcast.  This ensures you get the highest quality, possible.  

For some of our clients we even help with finding their guests.


STEP 3: Launch

Launching your podcast is the beginning of the fun for us.  We help you send your content out into the world.

This step will be tied into the marketing of your podcast through a variety of channels while ensuring that your message is being received well.

Often, we work with our clients throughout the production and launch phases on coaching them to improve their entire product.  From set-up and training to brainstorming creative ways to push their content out to the listeners.


STEP 4: Optimize and Lead Generation

Just like with any marketing tool, measuring its effectiveness is important!

We work with you to identify and measure your KPIs for your podcast.  If you’ve never built a funnel or CVJ, this is a great place to ensure that all of your tools are working in sync and you are generating leads from your content.  

We discuss this during the ideation phase, but sometimes our clients come back to us with higher goals because their podcast has done so well in attracting new followers. 


STEP 5: Scaling Your Reach

With the roadmap generating leads and conversions, together we scale the reach of your podcast.  We add new distribution channels for your content and identify better ways to increase your audiences desire to become a customer. For some of our clients, it’s adding another podcast with a different audience segment they might want to attract.

We work with you and your staff to train them in implementing similar ideas that can target specific segments of your clientele that are worth going after.


Meet our Podcast Production Partner

Elzie and the Enterprise NOW! Podcasting Team are some of the best in the business.

They’ve worked with many podcasters in educating, motivating, inspring and transforming their ideas into scalable podcasts.  Each client we work with has gained increased brand recognition, more customers and a sense of satisfaction.

We can help all of the following steps on taking your inkling of an idea to produced, professional and entertaining podcast:

  1. Ideation
  2. Podcast Launch
  3. Guest Services for your podcast and others
  4. Complete Production
  5. Podcast Promotion
  6. Lead Generation

Our producers will take care of as much or as little of your podcast production as you want.  Think of us as the experts who can help you troubleshoot or just get you going and let you fly.


Let’s Scale your story today! 
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