What is Branding?

Commonly used definitions of Branding:

  • Branding is an ongoing process of looking at your organization’s past and present and creating a cohesive personality for it going forward.
  • A brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organization. Branding is about shaping that perception.
  • Branding is the sum total of all the experiences your customers have with you.
  • Branding is a shorthand marketing message that creates emotional bonds with consumers.
  • Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about you with what people actually think of you.

Do you have a clear brand?

Brand Identity

A recognizable name and image that allows people to KNOW who the organization is, what they do and who their customers are.

Brand Image

The idea that people develop in their minds when they think of your brand. It dictates their expectations from your company and all of those connected to it.

Brand Positioning

The way your products and services are placed in the market.  It defines what segments of the market you are targeting and what types of people will buy your products and services.

Brand Personality

Brand Personality is just like a human. What emotions or qualities do we associate with your brand.  Every element, including colour and typography adds personality.

Brand Equity

Equity is the value of your brand. How much is it worth as a strategic or financial asset? The equity comes through in what people perceive in your brand.

Brand Experience

Brand experience is a combination of everything a customer goes through while interacting with your company. How do they feel? What does the staff do? This is the basis of building advocacy for your brand.

“When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable.”

– Meg Whitman, Former CEO of eBay

Branding with Us

Each company requires a different level of branding updates.  We have designed a quality branding workshop that can be broken down to identify specific brand components and improve all aspects of your brand.

Your Brand Purpose

Having a deeper sense of purpose is an innate human need.  We all want our life to have meaning and count for something… and feel like we’re doing something we’re passionate about.

That’s why you built a company. 

Building a brand around that purpose is essential to building trust and buy-in from all people.  We will dive into your company’s real purpose and help to succinctly articulate it and leverage it as a driving force for your organization moving forward.


Your Bold Vision

The vision statement is usually considered strategic fluff that sits on a document inside a binder on your shelf.  In fact, this vision should give measurable context to your purpose and will help to drive the creative process around your brand.

It affects customer experience and will be central to any messaging for your company.

Work with our coaches to develop a clearly defined vision for what would happen if your organization achieves it’s ultimate purpose. 

Your Brand Motto

Mission statements are complex… a motto is simple and memorable.  It’s the core of your brand strategy, decisions, behaviors and messaging. 

We work with you to develop something that will get you out of bed each day and drive your team to do the same.  

It will make customers run towards you and drive what happens each day to achieve your company’s objectives.


Your Core Values

Brand values act as guidelines, steering your company’s attitudes, choices and actions.  It is your code by which you do business and how you serve your customers.

Clarifying this for your company will empower your staff and build trust with your customers.  Just make sure your business practices follow your values rather than just talk about them.

We help you define these and build in steps that will help your company enact them from day 1.

Your Brand’s Archetype

Now that you’ve defined all of the above, who are you?  What character in the story are you?  Are you the hero, the villain, the rebel, or just the bystander who records it all?

We help you develop your organization’s story line and a character that you can use throughout all of your marketing. 

Telling your company’s story is the most basic, human approach to building relationships. This exercise will help your team discover the character your brand is meant to live out in the world.

Brand Differentiation

With so many others in the world working through the same questions and activities, we help you to build a complete branding package.  It’s your company’s identity and it’s special.

Work with our experts to build the perfect characterization of your company with a comprehensive package of strategic assets you can leverage.

It’s not just a logo, it’s taglines, archetype, story arc, and much more.


our Work

We provide branding to a variety of companies across industries.  A Brand is more than just a logo… it’s how people feel about you and what you stand for.

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